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Welcome to our Fall E-News for the Preemies of the Carolinas. Below you will find out more about us, upcoming events, along with our current needs.

Preemies of the Carolinas has continued to grow since 2015 into 7 local hospitals between North and South Carolinas. In 2017 we have entered the following NICU'S; Brenner Children's Hospital (Winston Salem, NC) and Spartanburg Regional Hospital (Spartanburg, SC).  Preemies of the Carolinas has started the process into becoming a Non-Profit. Step 1 is complete, check our future e-news, Facebook or our website for updated information. 


Upcoming Events

Our next holiday event is for Christmas. Our goal is to provide every baby in the NICU from preemie to a baby with a condition in the NICU a hat and a set of hearts on the Holiday. 

Holiday Events help comfort the family when they can't celebrate the holiday at home with their baby.

If you don't sew, knit or crochet and want to give back for the holidays check out our Amazon list or our current needs below

Check out our Amazon List or if you would rather help us by giving a cash donation towards buying supplies like fabric, yarn, and more Click Here.


Autumns NICU Journey: From Birth to Graduation

Autumn was born May 28th, 2016 at 1lb 11oz at 26 weeks. From the beginning we didn't know what our fate would be. For 2 weeks we were not able to hold our girl. we were only allowed to touch her. The experience changed when we received our first set of hearts and a beautiful note that went with it.  Within a week she was ready to come off the ventilator. She went on cpap and we were able to hold her. She continued to defy odds with her heart by her side, our heart by ours. Not only did this make a difference for our girl but her scent gave me the ability to provide all of her milk. I produced enough breast milk that they said to put some in the freezer at home. We were both succeeding in a world of prematurity. With these hearts we became one in a time where we didn't even sleep within 5 miles of one another, Instead 2 towns away. We became a unit of strength that goes beyond a simple heart. It was a heart of pure love. The scent of a mother and her baby. The hope that every parent could ever hope for in every stitch in every wave of fabric.

Autumn is now crawling and pulling herself to a standing position. She tends to try to cruise along the furniture when she gets daring enough. We are currently waiting eagerly to go back to the doctor as she loves to eat and is growing even more now then ever. At our last check up she was 16 pounds. She recently graduated from 3 to 6 months clothes and is now in 6 to 9 and may surpass that in no time. Her occupational therapist doesn't think she needs her services anymore either. So, she is getting ready to graduate from 1 of 3 therapies.

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Help Preemies of the Carolinas Continue to send Nationwide Packets

We currently send Preemie Packets free to any family needing a packet for their son or daughter currently in the NICU. Shipping each packet has become an expense but we want to continue providing these packets. 

In each Packet we provide

* Inspirational Hearts

* Blanket

* 3-4 hats from birth to graduation

Have we sent your son or daughter a packet, help pay it forward to another preemie

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