Preemies of the Carolinas was started in September 2015 by Jennifer Opferman, a Pittsburgh, PA native by heart, for the past 11 years she’s been living in Charlotte, NC with a love for warmer weather and sunny skies.

After a personal hospitalization experience, Jennifer was looking to give back and provide children in the hospital with something special from home, something handmade to provide comfort to the patient.

Jennifer was inspired by The Preemie Project of Iowa and how they have comforted so many NICU families.

Preemies of the Carolinas made their first donation of Inspirational Hearts and Preemie Hats October 7th, 2015 to Novant Hemby Children’s Hospital.  Currently we provide Hearts, Hats and blankets to local NICU’s and send individual packets out to parents nationwide who currently have a preemie or baby in the NICU.

Since September 2015 we have grown and been accepted into 5 hospitals and looking to expand across North and South Carolina.

  • Novant Hemby Children’s Hospital – Charlotte, NC
  • Piedmont Medical Center – Rock Hill, SC
  • Greenville Health Children’s Hospital – Greenville, SC
  • Carolina’s Healthcare Pineville – Charlotte, NC
  • Jeff Gordon Children’s Hospitals – Concord, NC
  • Brenner Children’s Hospital – Winston Salem, NC

If your NC/SC hospital NICU is interested in the Inspirational Heart project please send us a message on our contact page.

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