Preemie Hats

Thank You for your willingness to volunteer and be a part of a great cause to help Preemies of the Carolinas.

Are you looking to crochet or knit hats for Preemies in the NICU?

Here is your chance to volunteer for a great cause. Preemie Size Chart at the bottom of page. We are currently in need of NICU hats for our Holiday events!

One stipulation from the hospital, all projects must be completed in a non-smoking environment


  1. Please see the chart in the picture for information on sizes
  2. Tight woven knit or crochet hats are best so that the preemie doesn’t get his or her fingers caught in any holes
  3. 100% Acrylic Yarn

Current Needs by Holiday

Holiday Themed Hats 1lb thru 12lbs – Each Holiday we send over 400 Hats spread between all our hospitals

Valentine’s Day
For boys grey/red, red/white and blue/white are wonderful color options
Hat Ideas for Valentine’s Day
Hat Ideas for Easter
Chick and Easter Bunny hats are always popular
Red White and Blue in the NICU
Hat Ideas for the 4th of July
Halloween – We need costumes and Hats
Halloween Costume Ideas
Christmas in the NICU

Current Needs by Weight

3-5lbs most popular, most needed / 1-3lbs / 6-8lbs / 9-11lbs / Newborn


Pattern Ideas For those that Crochet

Please Send All Handmade Items To

Preemies of the Carolinas, 2764 Pleasant Road. #10803, Fort Mill, SC 29708